Training of the month

The best for every week:

Short activities mixed into your daily routine and time spent outdoors in the fresh air.

Running and Cycling outdoors (30-90 minutes) and 2-3 times a 20-30 minutes workout after an endurance session “kicks” your metabolism…

The best training for May/June:

The days are getting long, the air is fresh and also warm – so try to workout outdoors and get lot’s of sunlight during the springtime.

Mix endurance/cardio activities (swimming, biking, running) with strengthening workouts – so core stability, functional training movement and exercises for the big muscle groups. Try 1-2 times per week a 20-30 minutes intervals workout for 6 weeks… Will boost your routine and improve your performance all over.

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Try to do a Bootcamp – it’s mostly possible in Winter.